Psalm 40-2



The Purpose for UCORA

We, theĀ Founders, wish to convey our prayerful intentions to the various Christian off-road enthusiasts, clubs, forums, and associations; which is to unite all Christian off road enthusiasts in an organization called United Christian Off-Road Alliance.

Believing that God is both calling and enabling our efforts at this time, it is our intention to begin an alliance that will host links to all member clubs, forums, and associations. As it starts off, we desire UCORA to be a place where:

As time passes and membership grows to a place that can support such activities, it is also our joint vision to:

This alliance will not dissolve or disrupt local clubs, forums, or associations, but instead unite them in a common alliance where our common voice can be heard and felt in the world at large, and our common mission can be achieved.

Financial stake in UCORA will be held initially by officers from the founding individuals, clubs, forums, and associations by mutual consent, and through diligent prayer and joint holding of any funds and/or web site domain names. At such time as UCORA launches publicly any further actions of the Alliance, such as: election of officers/by-laws/rules of decorum/ forum moderation/ financial responsibilities, etc., may be publicly and jointly listed in each of the forums, clubs, and associations until such time as the Alliance web site is capable of handling such tasks. The intent to form UCORA is also an intent to solicit and provide a means collect donations (funds) necessary to the formation of a unifying alliance through the means of a PayPal account.

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