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United Christian Off Road Alliance, LLC. is a Limited Liabality Corporation organized in the state of Arizona. Membership includes people from many states in the United States and other countries around the world.

While there is no official membership, a small group of founders facilitate and organize the UCORA website and events. We are represented by multiple local clubs which have partnered with us and in turn we also support them in their effort to expand our shared hobby.

If you or your club/organization are interested in joining UCORA, and you agree with our statement of faith, pleae feel free to join us in our forums and at our events. If you need more information, please feel free to emai lus at the addresses below.

If your company wishes to sponsor UCORA either on the website or through in-kind donations of products to one of our annual events, you also are invited to contact us.

Please note, any company which becomes a partner with UCORA may or may not agre with our statement of faith, but MUST align to our agreement that the activites which we are involved are familiy oriented and thus all material and images used must reflect a family appropiate images and text. UCORA has no spiritual affiliation with any of our partners listed below and in no way claims responsibility for any content of their website.

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